Booker & Polar Bears


By Paul Homewood

Booker follows up the latest polar bear scare story:

The global warming-obsessed BBC has yet again been wonderfully caught out on one of its favourite memes: those supposedly vanishing polar bears due to that supposedly disappearing Arctic ice. They recently went to town with a film from a bunch of American scientists who had fixed cameras to nine mother bears in the Beaufort Sea off Alaska, showing what difficulty they had in finding their favourite food, seal pups. As recorded on the BBC Science website under the heading “Polar bears ‘running out of food’”, this was blamed on the “dramatic effects” climate change is having on Arctic sea ice, which has been “decreasing at a rate of about 14 per cent per decade”.

It is true that, since 1979, satellites have shown a declining trend in how much ice was left each September after its summer melt…

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