One thought on “Fundamental disagreement about climate change

  1. Judith:

    Here is my take for what it is worth”:

    The debate is simple. Both sides agree that the climate is changing. (has done for years). Warmists contend that Greenhouse gases have a major influence in this change. Sceptics do not agree and consider these influences to be insignificant amongst all the other natural changes.

    Warmists purport that a mere approx 1.6Watts/sq.m Forcing by CO2 drives this influence and escalates this to about 3.6Watts/sq.m due to a positive feedback by water in the clouds.
    This contention in escalation is very suspect particularly as the IPCC admits that it does not know much about cloud behaviour and therefore relegates clouds to a subsidiary position as a mere feedback mechanism. (which they got wrong; but don’t get drawn on that!)

    A simple look at the Steam Tables reveals that for every kilogram of water evaporated from the earth surface some 680WattHrs are pumped up into the atmosphere and beyond and dissipated. This done irrespective of CO2 levels.
    The comparison between these two energy levels and the movement (3.6 to 680) is a no brainer and shows that water is a major counter reaction to any increase in energy levels received by the earth. The process being the atmospheric Rankine Cycle. Well understood by Engineers.

    2) The Chaos Theory aspect is fundamental as it shows that computer modelling for prediction is not possible; as complex nonlinear equations cannot be computed. This is a fundamental flaw in the Warmist position due to its reliance on these models to support the hypothesis and has led to the current and contentious practice of statistical pseudoscience where matters of bias are discretionary.

    As for the rest: avoid it like the plague and particularly those dreadful graphical images which are designed to speak a thousand lies! Arguing about “The Pause” or some such will be a waste of time. There are too many rabbit holes.

    Concentrate on Warmists 3.6 Watts. —: Sceptics 680 Watts. Which is bigger.?


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