If Planet is Warming Why are CA Max Temperatures Declining?

Sierra Foothill Commentary

The global temperature is not soaring, so the anthropogenic global warming scaremongers have been focusing on Max Temperatures at different locations around the planet. Los Angles was recently in the news and debunked HERE and Scotland HERE.

I decided to take a look at Max Temperatures in Nevada County using the historical data from the Nevada City Weather Station.  With the data downloaded and cleaned up, I wrote a simple Python program to do plot the data and do some trend analysis.  This is what I found:

Nevada City

Nevada City Max Temp 1893-2017

Overall there was no trend when examining the total record:

Nevada City Max Temp Trend 1893-2017

However, if I sliced the data from 1931 to 2017 there is a clear negative trend

Nevada City Max Temp trend 1933-2017

Using the same program I downloaded some climate data from some other sites with long temperature histories both end of the Central Valley,  Orland and Bakersfield. The plots are below:


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