2018 US tornadoes lowest in 65 years of record-keeping

From Watts Up With That:

From the NOAA Storm Prediction Center comes this inconvenient data that pretty much kills the “climate is making weather more severe” claim.

Get this – a record-low 759 tornadoes formed in the U.S. so far this year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC). According to the SPC data, there were two fewer tornadoes than the previous annual record-low of 761.

Tornado activity has been unusually low in recent years which goes back 65 years to the early 1950s.

Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama-Huntsville wrote on his website:

“This lack of tornadic storms in recent years should also correlate with lesser severe thunderstorm activity in general in the U.S., since the conditions which produce large hail and damaging winds are generally the same as are required for tornadoes…”

In related news, meteorologist Steve Bowen noted on Twitter Wednesday

Today marks the 1,961st consecutive day without an F5/EF5 tornado in the United States. Currently ranks as the second-longest streak since 1950.

And added this graph:

That certainly blows a hole in alarmist claims that climate change is making severe weather worse.

And the trend, when adjusted for increases in population, reporting, and improved technology is simply FLAT as this SPC generated graph shows:

This graph only goes to 2007, hopefully they will have an update.


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