More Tornadoes? Capital Weather Gang Plug Flawed NOAA Study

Severe and tornadic thunderstorms are spawned by strong temperature and pressure gradients. Warmer planet means lower continental temperature gradients; ergo–fewer strong tornadoes.


By Paul Homewood


As I noted earlier today, the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang have reported that last year is the first on record to have no EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes in the US.

The Capital Weather Gang long ago sold their souls to the global warming religion, and are usually very loathe to admit that sometimes the weather might be better because of a bit of warming.

At the very end of the above article, they get in their little dig:

In fact the study they refer to is hopelessly flawed, as I proved at the time.

But just to rehash, this is the narrative Climate Central published in 2016:

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