Harrabin Peddles Latest Arctic Nonsense


By Paul Homewood

More nonsense from Roger Harrabin:


A rapid climate shift under way in the Barents Sea could spread to other Arctic regions, scientists warn.

The Barents Sea is said to be at a tipping point, changing from an Arctic climate to an Atlantic climate as the water gets warmer.

A conference in Norway heard that the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea – both further to the east – are likely to become the new Arctic frontier.

The scientists warn that it will affect ecosystems.

It may also impact on global weather patterns, although there’s no agreement on that.

They’re concerned because the north Barents Sea has been governed by an Arctic climate since the end of the last Ice Age, 12,000 years ago.

The Arctic Ocean has a cold, fresh surface layer which acts as a cap on a layer of warm, saltier Atlantic water beneath.


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