The Great Lakes Icing

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It also looks like the Great Lakes are headed to a very rapid ice-over. This graph is from the 21st of January, before the present cold plunge. Given that we’re headed toward record cold levels in Chicago (on the coast of the Great Lakes) I would expect the Lakes to accelerate their icing.
Has a copy of the image, so prompted me to do a “Go Fish!” here: for my own copy:

Great Lakes Ice - 21 January 2019

Original from:
downloaded 29 January 2019, so things will be more iced over by now, and with near record cold present in the area, ought to accelerate from the rapid rate the article described as having already happened. From that article:

Great Lakes Ice Coverage Doubles in One Week
By Chris Dolce5 days

At a Glance

Much colder temperatures have moved into the Midwest for the second half of January.As a result, ice coverage in the Great Lakes grew rapidly in the past week.Ice coverage usually peaks in late winter.

Ice coverage across the Great Lakes has more than doubled in the past week due to a weather pattern change that has sent much colder temperatures into the central and eastern states.

On Jan. 15 the amount of ice coverage for all the Great Lakes was near 10 percent, which is below the average of 16 percent for that date. But by Jan. 22 ,weekly ice coverage across all five Great Lakes was at 23 percent, according to the Canadian Ice Service of Environment Canada. That’s slightly above the 30-year average (1981-2010) of about 19 percent for that week.

So above average ice, but still we’re supposed to believe it is because things are warmer? “I don’t think so, Tim…” (h/t Home Improvement show)

Now that was before the current cold plunge, so ice growth ought to be going gangbusters now. We’ll need to check back in on it in a few more days / weeks.

I wonder if the Globull Warming Advocates have found a new “warm snow” and “warm ice”… /sarc;

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