NASA hides page saying the Sun was the primary climate driver, and clouds and particles are more important than greenhouse gases

The article was removed some time between 20 Dec 2010 and 19 Jan 2011.

Here’s the Wayback link to the 20 Dec 2010 page:


By Paul Homewood

Repost from Jo Nova:

ScreenHunter_3751 Feb. 19 11.04The NASA site used to have a page titled “What are the primary forcings of the Earth system?“. In 2010 this page said that the Sun is the major driver of Earth’s climate, that it controls all the major aspects, and we may be on the cusp of an ice age. Furthermore NASA Science said things like clouds, albedo and aerosol behaviour can have more powerful cooling effects that outdo the warming effect of CO2.

Today that page says Share the science and stay connected,  and “Access Denied”.



The Wayback Machine captured the same NASA “Primary Climate Forcings” link in 2010.


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