California Climate Roller Coaster

Sierra Foothill Commentary

It contradicts claims often made by global warming alarmists that the perceived California climate change is unusual, and that it is mostly due to man emitting “climate gases” into the atmosphere.
The new study finds that California’s climate has always been extreme roller coaster-like – even when atmospheric CO2 was at very low levels (ca. 200 ppm), as was the case during the last ice age. Proxy evidence shows “temperatures varied during the last glacial, including extreme warmth”.

What follows is the paper’s abstract:

Reconstructions of past hydroclimate provide a means to understand precipitation responses to global ocean-atmosphere climate dynamics beyond the scope of that in the instrumental record. Late glacial climate was characterized by abrupt variability in ice and ocean dynamics, however the implications for hydroclimate are not as well known. Here we present organic geochemical proxy evidence for precipitation isotopes based on plant leaf wax hydrogen isotopic compositions…

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