Does one ten-thousandth of the atmosphere control Earth’s thermostat?

Sierra Foothill Commentary

Reblogged from CFACT.  Slightly edited for better reading. 

By Dr. Jay Lehr |November 8th, 2019|Climate|237 Comments

There exists a belief that we are living in a world threatened by an important molecule that makes life possible on this planet’scarbon dioxide.

To save the earth many believe we must transform society by shutting down the use of oil and natural gas which has improved life of modern society.

The arguments in support of this belief are the math equations or climate models claimed to simulate how nature does control the Earth’s.

In consultation with Astrophysicist Willie Soon and Tom Wysmuller, formerly of NASAI chose the to consider following twelve variables which common sense says, must be considered when attempting to predict future temperatures and climate impacts on our planet. It turns out that all of these variables are…

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