Wind Turbines Traumatizing Animals As Well As People

PA Pundits - International

By James Taylor~

The same wind turbines that are causing reports of severe health harms to people around the world appear to be having a similar or more severe impact on dogs and other animals. This is especially troubling because dogs and other domesticated animals rely on humans for humane living conditions and they are unable to tell us when they are under distress from wind turbines.

A couple of typical examples are reported in the Hamilton (Australia) Spectator and the World Council for Nature website. The Spectator article documents how a family was forced to seek medical attention for its female Kelpie shortly after wind turbines were places approximately one mile from the family’s home.

“It is usually very active, alert and an excellent working dog, and it has become very withdrawn and this is more evident when wind is coming from the same direction that the wind…

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