CO2 Has Its Benefits

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By Dr. Jay Lehr~

Most plants grow 1) much faster, 2) healthier, 3) stronger, 4) use water more efficiently, 5) grow much more efficiently in higher altitudes and drier locations, 6) handle heat better, 7) handle all types of stresses better, and 8) are often more pest resistant – with more C02 in the air.

Photosynthesis is proven, with hundreds of studies backing the hypothesis that more C02 in the air is better for nearly all plants. It is a fact that if the concentration of C02 in the air is higher, that most plants lose less water(transpiration) in the process of absorbing C02 through the openings in their leaves called “stomata”.

Experiments show a large, difference in size and rate of plant growth for most plants, with even a small incremental increase of C02 levels in the air.

The picture above displays Craig Idso’s results…

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