‘Climate change doesn’t cause fires’


By Paul Homewood


It’s November again and once again half of NSW and Queensland is battling bushfires.

It pains me to see rural and regional communities go through the trauma of out of control bushfires consuming land, forests, native fauna, homes, livelihoods and lives.

My family and my community went through the exact same process last year. It appears little has changed.

Some may say this is not the time to be playing politics around bushfires while people are battling to save their homes and businesses. However, it appears to me that the only time people and politicians will listen is when the flames are coming over the horizon or communities are left in ash.

As predictable as always, conservationists and opportunistic politicians are blaming these fires on climate change.

Before I get attacked for being a climate change denier – I am not. But I am also a climate…

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