Hurricanes and The AMO


By Paul Homewood

Bob Vislocky makes a valid comment about the Pielke graph on hurricane landfalls, which I posted on the other day:


I must admit I hate these sort of graphs. However the reason for this apparent rising trend of major hurricanes becomes apparent when we look at the longer trends.

Pielke also includes the graph below, with data back to 1950, along with this commentary, in his Forbes article, which I reposted:

It is well known that the 1970s were a relative quieter period for tropical cyclones overall as compared to the 1990s, and parts of recent decades.

With our data, we can say a bit more about longer-term trends because reliable records of tropical cyclone landfalls in the North Atlantic and the Western North Pacific are available further back in time (to at least 1900 and 1950 respectively). Landfalls in these two basins account for about…

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