Climate Models Fail from Radiative Obsession

Science Matters

Peter Stallinga provides a thorough analysis explaining why models based purely on radiative heat exhanges fail without incorporating other thermodynamic processes.  This post is a synopsis of the structure of his position without the extensive mathematical expressions of the relationships discussed.  The full text of his paper can be accessed by linking to the title below.

Comprehensive Analytical Study of the Greenhouse Effect of the Atmosphere
By Peter Stallinga. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, 2020 H/T NoTricksZone. Excerpts in italics with my bolds


Climate change is an important societal issue. Large effort in society is spent on addressing it. For adequate measures, it is important that the phenomenon of climate change is well understood, especially the effect of adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In this work, a theoretical fully analytical study is presented of the so-called greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. The effect of this gas in the atmosphere…

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