March Arctic Ice Plentiful

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Previous posts showed 2020 Arctic Ice breaking the 15M km2 ceiling mid March before starting the Spring melt as usual later in the month. The graph above shows that the March monthly average has varied little since 2007, typically around the SII average of 14.7 Mkm2 +/-  a few %.  Of course there are regional differences as described below.

The graph above shows ice extent through March comparing 2020 MASIE reports with the 13-year average, other recent years and with SII.  After exceeding the average the first half, extents fell off the last 10 days, principally due to melting in the Pacfic basins of Bering and Okhotsk.

The table below shows the distribution of sea ice across the Arctic regions.

Region2020091Day 091 Average2020-Ave.20070912020-2007
 (0) Northern_Hemisphere1428263014713851-43122114158467124163
 (1) Beaufort_Sea107065510701764791069711944
 (2) Chukchi_Sea96316396314914966006-2844

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