Arctic September Ice Dip Is Over

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Just like the Arizona road in the image,  Arctic ice extent has dipped in September and is on the rise again.  The graph below shows how September monthly extent averages compare for the years since 2007. 

Overall it resembles the Arizona roadway.  Two low years are followed by two high years, then two low years and so on.  The last two years are low, comparable to 2007, and may portend higher ice extent ahead. As usual MASIE and SII are showing for 2020 nearly the same monthly averages, 4.0M km2 for MASIE and 3.9M km2 for SII. The graph below shows how the ice dipped and recovered in 2020 compared to the 13-year average and some notable years.

September 2020 daily minimum was lower than all previous years except for 2012.  As noted previously this year’s anomaly was the hot Siberian summer melting out the Eurasian shelf seas and the…

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