Wind Power Generation Intermittency – It’s Worse Than You Think It Is – Part Three

PA Pundits - International

By Anton Lang ~

Sustained Power Loss Over Longer Time Frames

I showed and explained in Part Two how the weather itself has an impact on wind power generation intermittency over short time frames, and the same applies for power losses over longer time frames, only for a completely different reason. With those short time frame losses in power, that was due to the wind being too high, and the towers turning off at the upper wind speed level. When it comes to these longer time frame power losses, this is due to the opposite happening, wind towers turning off because the wind is too low. Whereas with the short time frame power losses, they happen very quickly and result in power losses equating to hundreds of wind towers turning off, hence very fast losses of power. Now, with these long time frame losses, those falls in power may look…

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