Arctic Ice Fears Erased in November

Science Matters

As noted in a previous post, alarms were raised over slower than average Arctic refreezing in October.  Those fears are now laid to rest by ice extents roaring back in November.  The image above shows the ice gains completed from October 31 to November 30, 2020. In fact 3.5 Wadhams of sea ice were added during the month.  (The metric 1 Wadham = 1 M km2 comes from the professor’s predictions of an ice-free Arctic, meaning less than 1 M km2 extent)

The Russian shelf seas on the left filled with ice early on.  On the CanAm side, Beaufort at the bottom center is iced over, Canadian Archipelago (center right) is frozen, and Baffin Bay is filling from the north (presently 57% of last March maximum).  Hudson Bay (far right) first grew fast ice around the edges, and is now 70% iced over.  A background post is updated below, showing…

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