The Biden Climate Summit – Speeding Up To Hit The Wall Harder

PA Pundits - International

By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

The Biden Climate Summit is not just the two day zoomfest. That show is the crescendo to a complex concert that has played out over the last few weeks. Each of the speeches by Federal Agency heads is the announcement of their part of a massive green plan — the Biden climate agenda. The speeches were predictably boring but the plan is unpredictably dangerous.

Here is my take on the whole concert, not just the snorey speeches. My focus is on how the Biden climate agenda will fail, as it surely will.

The climate action target date started out as 2050, basically a way to do nothing now. A free political promise, so widely adopted. But politicians compete to get elected, so that far distant horizon has come closer and closer. First to 2045, then 2040, 2035, until now we suddenly have 2030.

Cutting our…

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