April 2021 Resilient Arctic Ice

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ArcApr2021 107 to 120

Previous posts noted how Arctic ice extents waxed and waned in response to the wavy Polar Vortex this year.  The animation above showed how the ice fluctuated over the last two weeks.  Okhhotsk upper left steadily lost ~225k km2, while Bering Sea lower left lost ~130k km2 in the first week then waffled around the same extent.  Barents at the top lost ~170k km2 early, then in the last 10 days gained back most of it. Greenland Sea middle right waffled down and up with little change up to yesterday.  Baffin Bay lower right produced the largest deficit on the Atlantic side ~180k km2.

The effect on NH total ice extents is presented in the graph below.Arctic2021120The graph above shows ice extent through April comparing 2021 MASIE reports with the 14-year average, other recent years and with SII.  The average April drops about 1.1M km2 of ice extent. …

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