Killing the Golden Energy Goose in 2021

Science Matters

Lubos Motl provides an insightul article by Alexander Tomský Where the policy of decarbonising the economy is taking us at his blog Reference Frame. Excerpts below in italics with my bolds.

We now know that the total, often disguised, cost of renewable energy is prohibitive, the zero carbon ideal mere wishful thinking. Only the brave will say it fully; Western democracy no longer professes freedom of speech, and careers depend on agreement with the ruling ideology as they did under the communists.

How could it be that fossil fuel prices, with such huge (known) world reserves – oil enough for 200 years, coal and gas enough for at least 1000 years (International Energy Agency) – have suddenly risen so rapidly and the world is facing an economic crisis?

The first thing that springs to mind is the inflated volume of cheap money that governments are pumping into the economy…

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