Reanalysis Comparison Update

Climate Concerns

This post provides a quick comparison update of two different reanalysis daily global mean surface air temperature anomaly (GMSATA) time series for 2014 through 2022 March 19. The graph in Figure 1 shows the daily GMSATA time series for the Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) output based on the Global Forecast System (GFS) initialization output four times each day. The temperature output is for the atmosphere at 10 meters above ground level. The CFSR model uses a 0.5 degree latitude by 0.5 degree longitude grid.

Figure 1. CFSR GMSATA 2014-2023

The graph in Figure 2 shows the daily GMSATA time series for the Sigma 0.995 level output from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction and National Center for Atmospheric Research Reanalysis 1 (NCAR R1) cooperative effort. The Sigma 0.995 level corresponds to the pressure altitude at 99.5 % of the surface air pressure, which is roughly about 50 meters above…

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