Surplus Arctic Ice July 2022

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The animation shows Arctic ice extents on day 212 (end of July) starting with 2007, and showing the lack of decline through yesterday.  Years vary as to which regions retain more or less ice.  For example, some years the Russian shelf seas (left side) are mostly open water on day 212.  Kara and Barents seas (top side) fluctuate.  The Northwest passage (bottom), melts early some years in Beaufort Sea, and CAA, but this year not so much. The graph below compares the July monthly ice extents 2007 to 2022 and compared to the SII 16 year average.

Clearly July ice appears as a plateau, and most years MASIE shows greater extents than SII, with differences of only a few 100k km2.  The previous three years were in deficit to average, but July 2020 has returned to surplus years like 2018.  More on MASIE dataset at the end.

The graph shows…

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