Wind farms are shrinking golden eagle habitats as blades make them scared

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golden-eagle Golden eagle in Scotland [image credit:] Hardly surprising, but the destruction of the countryside will continue regardless.

H/T Windwatch UK
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Wind farms are shrinking golden eagles habitats as they are afraid of the blades, a study has found.

The birds of prey are eight times less likely to fly near turbines when they are rotating compared with when they are switched off, scientists from the ecological company Natural Research Projects have found.

It is thought the birds are avoiding areas where turbines are situated because the noise and movement makes them feel threatened.

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Roger Pielke Jr Slams Fake Climate Attribution Studies

Here it Comes — The Trashing Of CO2 Removal Technology…. BY THE LEFT!

PA Pundits - International

By Joe Bastardi~

I am taking some heat from people on my side because of my advocacy of a cheap way of getting co2 emissions down to 0. Its Chapter 14 of my book (De-Weaponizing the Real Battlefield) and I wrote about this here on CFACT, if you wish to re-read it:

And now its becoming apparent people seeing things my way are on to something. Why do I think this? Well, look what just came out of MIT.

Bingo, front row. Who has the most to lose if the combination of US agriculture, Nuclear power and an efficient point of generation carbon capture is put together?

1)An entire political agenda that advocates for the ending of the foundational values that made this nation great. ( Chapter 13 of my book: Political Weaponization)

2)Large technological and corporate interest who have invested in the kind of money that…

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The real reason for Germany’s flood disaster: A ‘monumental failure of the warning system’


By Paul Homewood


The first signs of catastrophe were detected nine days ago by a satellite orbiting 500 miles above the tranquil hills around the Rhine river.

Over the next few days a team of scientists sent the German authorities a series of forecasts so accurate that they now read like a macabre prophecy: the Rhineland was about to be hit by “extreme” flooding, particularly along the Erft and Ahr rivers, and in towns such as Hagen and Altena.

Yet despite at least 24 hours’ warning that predicted, almost precisely, which districts would be worst afflicted when the rains came, the flood still caught many of its victims largely unawares.

A destroyed house in Altenahr, Germany. There is suggestion that the government was under-prepared for the disaster

A destroyed house in Altenahr, Germany. There is suggestion that the government was under-prepared for the disasterLINO MIRGELER/DPA/AP

Germany got its preparations “badly wrong”, one of the experts who built Europe’s sophisticated flood prediction model told The Sunday Times. Hannah…

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Evidence of RWP In Florida


By Paul Homewood



It suggests that both winters and summers were warmer than now in Florida at certain periods during the RWP.

But what is really interesting is their comment about a falling sea level at the Vandal Minimum transition.

HH Lamb strongly believed that sea levels fell during that period, the Dark Ages, following maybe a metre of rise during the RWP, a rate of rise similar to that of today. Following the fall, seas began to rise again during the MWP.

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Western Hudson Bay polar bears: still some out on the sea ice, some causing trouble


As of Monday (19 July), more polar bears had come ashore near Churchill and on the shores of Wakusp National Park but some are still out on the bay. The pattern of ice breakup this year means most bears will come ashore well south of Churchill and make their way north over the summer and fall. There have been two Churchill ‘problem’ bear reports so far but not one for this week, so I’ll go ahead and post without it.

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Record Heat In Antarctica, Claims The Absurd Jonathan Amos


By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness


A new record high temperature for the Antarctic continent of +18.3C has been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

It occurred on 6 February last year at Argentina’s Esperanza research station.

The mark was widely reported at the time but has now been validated by a WMO committee set up to check extreme weather data from around the globe.

The same group rejected an even higher Antarctic claim for 2020 of +20.75C, “recorded” on Seymour Island.

This again received international headlines, but the committee found the sensor set-up incorporated into a Brazilian permafrost experiment had not been properly protected from direct sunlight.

As the report goes on to explain. the record temperature occurred as the result of Foehn winds, which can add several degrees.

The implication is that temperatures like these are not “normal” on the normally frigid Antarctic continent.


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Systemic Election Malpractice in Maricopa County

Science Matters

On the technical operations of election processing, the audit in Maricopa County, AZ, has provided this overview published at Gateway Pundit Cyber Ninjas Found So Many Issues with the Voting Machines and Processes in Maricopa County It’s a Wonder the Previous Auditors Didn’t Find These Issues Too.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Ben Cotton’s team is auditing the IT-related practices and policies in the 2020 Election in Maricopa County. He shared some important items during his presentation last week that any good IT auditor would find.  We pointed out previously that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors hired two election firms because they knew these firms would give them a clean bill of health.

But Ben Cotton and his team were selected by the Cyber Ninjas to address the IT work related to Maricopa County’s results in the 2020 Election.  Investigator Cotton from CyFIR performed work that the previous…

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The Downside Of Electric Vehicles

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By Duggan Flanakin ~

If you listen to the “woke” futurists, or even to the majority of auto companies pledging to stop manufacturing gasoline and diesel vehicles, it might be time to sell your auto stocks. Do you really think the U.S. is about to build 280 million electric vehicles to replace the 270 million internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that many states (and many countries, not to mention auto manufacturers) want to ban (from the highway not just from new sales) by 2030, 2040, or maybe 2049?

Forget if you will all the arguments about the massive amount of earth mining using slave labor those 270 million EVs will generate to acquire the cobalt, nickel, lithium, and other metals without which EVs cannot be built, much less operate. Forget the huge costs of expanding the electric grid to account for all of the electricity needed to move those vehicles…

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