RIP Roger Andrews

From Energy Matters:

Roger Andrews has died aged 77

Roger Andrews died peacefully in his sleep last night at his home near Guadalajara in Mexico that he shared with his wife Bridget.

Roger’s first contribution to Energy Matters was on 26 May 2014 with a post titled White House goes Green – and into the Red. Since then he has contributed a total of 479 posts including the inimitable Blowouts.

All readers will know and respect Roger’s tremendous capacity to analyse and present on graphs large and complex data sets and to draw the appropriate conclusions from them. In the next week or two I will compile a full tribute to Roger’s enormous contributions to both energy and climate debates.

In Roger’s own words:

On specific energy and climate issues I’m guided by what the data tell me, not by claims made in the scientific literature. This is why you will find me disagreeing with most of the “consensus” views on climate change but not all of them. My main concern for the future of my three grandchildren isn’t climate change, but that the misguided efforts of the people who want to save the world from it will leave them freezing in the dark.

For about 4 years Roger has fought a battle with cancer undergoing at least three major surgeries and two bouts of chemo-therapy. Throughout he continued to write and to analyse and would send me the occasional note apologising for the fact that he may be unable to contribute a post or to compile the blowout that particular week. The forces driving Roger were phenomenal and the quality of his work never wavered. Roger was one of the best friends I ever had, even though we never met. His family would like to note that we should all get ourselves checked out on a more regular basis.

Our thoughts are with Bridget, son John and their three grand children.

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