Nuclear Superior To Wind And Solar

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Future energy mixes should show a growing contribution from modern nuclear power plants. That is the core finding of the new “No Regrets Energy Policy” proposed by the Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL).

 CLINTEL finds current governmental energy-transitions to be “scientifically unfounded and economically suicidal” because of their dependence on wind and solar power generation.

 They put it this way:

The optimum energy mix of different countries will be different, but they all have in common that the contributions of solar panels and wind turbines to the energy mix will remain marginal. Dependence on weather conditions and lack of proper energy storage cause fundamental bottlenecks. Decision makers must stop backing these lame horses.”

 CLINTEL’s basic point is that IF there is to be a transition away from fossil fuels, THEN it must be to nuclear power. Note that CLINTEL is…

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Climate Science Victim of Fake News

Science Matters

A recent article in the legacy media needed some editorial work in the public interest. Published at the Business Post, it began this way:

Climate science has long been the victim of ‘fake news’ obscuring uncomfortable truths. By pouncing on supposed uncertainties in climate science, big business interests and their supporters in the media divert attention away from the real climate emergency.

Now that is so misleading that a “False Alarm” label should be attached by fact checkers. In their absence, the next best thing is to rewrite to set the record straight and eliminate the falsehoods and hype. So let’s begin again.

Climate science has long been the victim of ‘false alarms’ obscuring the remarkable stability of our climate system. By exaggerating the dangers from extreme weather, entrenched environmental lobbies and ignorant media supporters frighten people for the sake of their tax-subsidized enterprises. (There, fixed.) To Continue:

A climate…

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Attenborough’s cliff-dying walrus convinced elite Davos influencers of a global climate emergency


For the past two years, the Netflix/Attenborough ruse to blame climate change for walruses falling from a high cliff to their deaths seemed like a silly PR stunt. But it appears the film’s real purpose was to convince a far more important audience than paying Netflix customers that a global ‘climate emergency’ was going on: the elite influencers and world leaders who attended the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2019, where the dying walrus film clip was introduced and interpreted to the audience by Sir David Attenborough himself.

In the spring of 2019, Netflix released its ‘Our Planet’ documentary that included a clip of walruses falling from a high cliff in Siberia to their deaths on jagged rocks below, which Sir David Attenborough’s narration told viewers was due to lack of sea ice caused by climate change. It moved people to tears, as it was meant…

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Snow: Severe weather warnings in place across UK — BBC

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Image credit: BBC
The BBC didn’t think it would be reporting a widespread outbreak of toboganning and British-built snowmen in 2021, judging by its longstanding practice of trying to consign such pastimes to history along with Arctic sea ice.
– – –
Severe weather warnings are in place across much of the UK after large parts of the country saw heavy snowfall, reports BBC News.

The blanket of snow drew people outside for sledging and winter walks, but motorists have been warned to take extra care on icy roads.

Several coronavirus vaccination and testing centres were closed in England and Wales due to the conditions.

Police forces have reminded the public to stick to Covid lockdown rules while enjoying the snow.

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National Grid Hails New Interconnector Bringing Coal Power From France!


By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public


After almost three years of construction – and despite coronavirus pandemic restrictions – low-carbon electricity has now started flowing at full capacity through IFA2. Our second electricity interconnector linking the UK and France takes us a step further on the journey to net zero.

Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2 (IFA2) – which stretches along the sea floor between Fareham, Hampshire in the UK and near Caen, Normandy in France – has now gone into operation, with low-carbon electricity flowing through the 149-mile subsea power cable at full capacity. Interconnectors are high-voltage electricity cables that allow us to share surplus clean energy.

It must of course be a remarkable feat of engineering, if it can filter out all of the fossil fuel power and only let “clean” energy through!

In reality, the opposite is true. What we are getting is “dirty” electricity.

Let me…

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Time’s Up, Matt!!


By Paul Homewood

h/t Joe Public/Robin Guenier



US Special Envoy on climate change John Kerry has said the country will now push for rapid action after four years of “reckless behaviour” under Donald Trump.

Mr Kerry said that withdrawing the US from the Paris agreement had threatened people’s futures all over the world.

One of President Biden’s first acts following his inauguration was to re-apply to join the climate pact.

Mr Kerry said the US would now move forward with “humility and ambition”.

And this year’s climate meeting in Glasgow would be the “last, most important opportunity” to make progress, he said.

He was speaking remotely to a meeting in Italy of the B20 – a forum for the global business community to make their views known to the G20 group of countries.

A former presidential candidate, Mr Kerry has long been a powerful voice in climate politics…

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The IR absorptive characteristics of “greenhouse” gases– Addendum -David Coe


By Paul Homewood

David Coe, who presented his paper on the IR absorptive characteristics of “greenhouse” gases last week, has now written an Addendum, addressing some of the issues raised:





The full addendum, including tables, can be found here:


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Arctic Building Ice Inventory Mid January

Science Matters

At this point in the Arctic refreezing phase, LIFO inventory accounting comes into play.  Last-In, First-out is one accepted way to price the value of a company’s inventory.  For Arctic ice, it means that basins that are last to freeze over in winter are the first to melt out in the summer.  For example, in Mid January 2021, total NH ice extent is 91% of last March maximum, so most basins have long been covered with ice.  The last 9% will be added in four places (present % of max is noted):

Bering Sea        62%
Okhotsk Sea     70%
Barents Sea      58%
Baffin Bay         66%

In the Pacific animation above, Bering on the right adds ice extent from 261k km2 to 513k km2 since Jan. 1, while Okhotsk goes from 500k km2 to 800k km2.  Together they will likely add ~650k km2…

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Longwave Radiation & The Arctic


By Paul Homewood


It has some relevance to David Coe’s recent posting on the subject.

However, there is one section which I want to draw your attention to. What follows is a discussion of some of the implications that arise. They are very much my interpretation, and I may be wrong, so feel free to criticise!


There are two things I want you to notice:

1) Outgoing thermal radiation peaks at around 20 latitude, the horse latitudes, such as the Sahara, where the air is very dry.

2) Thermal radiation to space exceeds incoming solar energy from around 40latitudes and higher, whilst the opposite is true at lower latitudes.

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