An Earnest Discovery of Climate Causality

Terra et Aqua

It is hypothesised that upwelling in the Pacific Ocean is modulated by solar activity over periods of decades to millennia – with profound impacts on communities and ecosystems globally.  The great resonant systems of the Pacific responds at variable periods – the tempo increased last century – of La Niña and El Niño alternation.  There are variations in this tempo at 20 to 30 years that – throwing this out there – suggest a trigger in the 22 year Hale solar cycle of magnetic reversals.   The solar butterfly flutters and the cyclone ensues.  Longer term indicators of solar activity show changes over millennia that mirror the state of upwelling in the Pacific.  The mechanism proposed is a spinning up of the Pacific gyres as a result of colder and denser polar air.  Low solar activity spins up the gyres producing more frequent La Niña (more equatorial upwelling) – and vice…

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