New website gives you the real deal on sea level rise and rates

Watts Up With That?

New analysis and graphing tools for sea-level data at

Guest essay by David Burton now has interactive regression analysis (line/curve fitting) and visualization (graphing) tools available for mean sea level (MSL) measurements from over 1200 tide gauges, plus spreadsheets which combine various subsets of that data. This article is intended as a primer, for how to use these new tools.

But first, a few notes:

Note #1: This is a work in progress. I already have a large “to-do list,” but suggestions & corrections are nevertheless very welcome.

Note #2: These tools are my free contribution to the community. There’s no charge to use them.

Note #3: These tools are ideologically neutral.

One of the inspirations for this site was Paul Clark’s famous WoodForTrees, which provides some similar tools for temperature data. Paul is a lifelong “Green” activist, but to his credit, the usefulness of his site…

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