Another fat bear onshore in late winter, along Gulf of St. Lawrence north coast


Another fat bear onshore in late winter, this time along the Quebec shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (22 March 2017) – and this time, one of the witnesses to the sighting took some great photos. Courtesy CBC News (Polar bear makes rare appearance on Quebec’s Lower North Shore 24 March 2017).

Gulf St Lawrence North shore PB visit 22 March 2017_CBC headline

Quotes, location map, and sea ice charts below.

Pakuashipi, Quebec is across the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence from Port au Choix, Newfoundland, a bit west of the main coastline in an area of many small islands (see the Google map and zoom in for the best view.

Pakuashipi Quebec google maps location 2017

For context, note that sea ice extent two days before the sighting was fairly extensive although Labrador ice will likely start its retreat north soon:

Sea ice extent Canada 2017 March 20 CIS

Here’s a closer look, showing sea ice concentration for that week (20 March), according to the Canadian Ice Service:

Gulf Weekly ice conc 20 March 2017_CIS

Now, take a…

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