Calling Global Warming a Hoax can be Confusing!

Sierra Foothill Commentary

By Russ Steele

Let’s be clear, climate change is not a hoax, the climate on this plant has demonstrated a wide range of variability over millions of years and continues to vary year to year, as the oceans warm and cool, orbits around the sun change, and the sun’s output varies. No hoax, it is real

So why would President Trump call global warming a hoax? Perhaps, because there was a hoax played on the American people by a group of climate scientist as to the cause of current climate variations, claiming it was human generated CO2.

Red Pill America has the hoax story, in Episode 7, a podcast by Patrick Courrielche who has done an excellent job of telling the story in a way that all can understand. Even global warmers can follow and understand the story and the basis for the hoax label. That is if they listen.

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