Heads up Newfoundland & Labrador: polar bear season has begun


There is now enough sea ice off southern Labrador and the northern tip of Newfoundland for Davis Strait polar bears to come ashore looking for food. Baby seals won’t be available for months yet. And since winter is the lean season for these bears, some may seek food sources onshore. The bears come down from the area of Hudson Strait and southern Baffin Island: as the sea ice expands south, so do the bears.

Polar bear tracks_25 Feb Labrador 2015 CBC
Conditions have been excellent for Davis Strait polar bears for decades now: they’ve had lots of food and plenty of ice when they need it in winter and spring. Sightings of bears onshore from January through early March only since 2015 are strong indications that the population size hasincreased over the 2007 count (which had increased significantly over the previous estimate).

Sea ice Canada 2019 Jan 2

Reports of bears onshore in winter cannot be due to lack of sea ice

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