May Arctic Ice Mixed Signals

Science Matters

The image above shows that ice began to disappear in earnest during May.  On day 120 (April 30), Bering and Okhotsk Seas (left bottom and far left) were already mostly water.  Elsewhere the first 10 days added some water, and then more rapidly in the last 20 days. The Central Arctic core is intact, including East Siberian and Laptev Sea on the Russian side (left) and Canadian Archipelago (center right) and Hudson Bay (far right).

Meanwhile Beaufort and Chukchi (bottom center) are opening up, along with Baffin (center below Greenland).

The graph below shows a surprising discrepancy between MASIE and SII appearing in May.

Note that the  NH ice extent 12 year average declined from 13.6M km2 to 11.8M km2 during May.  MASIE 2019 shows about the same decline from 12.7M km2 to 10.9M km2.  That track matches 2016, but well below other years.  Interestingly SII showed a much slower…

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