Question marks over new French record temperature


By Paul Homewood

Just to update the so called record temperature of 45.9c in France at Gallargues.

It turns out that the roadside site is no longer used. It was thought that a rooftop thermometer had replaced it, but this is an amateur station. The official one is near a cave.

Tony Heller has a video summarising matters, along with archive records showing higher temperatures in the past:

But the intriguing thing is that the rooftop site only recorded a high of 44.2c, despite its evident unsuitability. How then can the official site read 45.9c, when it is only a few hundred yards away? Moreover it is much higher than temperatures recorded nearby, such as Nimes.

Clearly the new record lacks all credibility. I find it astonishing that any Met Office would declare a record, particularly without any investigation first.

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