Permafrost Scare (again)

Science Matters

The Permafrost Bogeyman is back!

This post is prompted by noticing that alarmists are again trying to leverage permafrost to frighten people into anti-fossil fuel compliance. I have pushed back against this previously, but the PR continues and is successful when people lack information and historical context to see through the claims.

Basically, the fear is that organic material underneath ice and frozen ground will decompose when permafrost melts, and the emissions of CO2 and CH4 will drive the planetary climate into runaway warming. First you should ask yourself how did those organisms get sequestered under the ice, and what has happened to frozen soil down through history. As you will see below, the evidence shows that warm climate periods in the past caused that terrain to be filled with plant life. And discovered remains prove that animals and even humans lived in those places between frozen periods.

Then ask…

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