More 2019 Evidence of Nature’s Sunscreen

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Greenhouse with adjustable sun screens to control warming.

Update July 12, 2019

A paper was just published by an IPCC reviewer No Empirical Evidence for Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change by J. Kauppinen and P. Malmi. Excerpts in italics with my bolds. H/T WUWT

An analysis by Finnish researchers adds to the chain of studies supporting the Cosmosclimatology theory first proposed by Svensmark. Their focus is on the relation between the changes in temperatures and the changes in low cloud cover.  Their findings are consistent with the global brightening and dimming research centered at ETH Zurich, which is elaborated later on.

Figure 2. [2] Global temperature anomaly (red) and the global low cloud cover changes (blue) according to the observations. The anomalies are between summer 1983 and summer 2008. The time resolution of the data is one month, but the seasonal signal is removed. Zero corresponds about 15°C for the temperature…

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2 thoughts on “More 2019 Evidence of Nature’s Sunscreen

  1. From the perspective of this engineer it is quite obvious that the behaviour of water in the clouds is a very major contribution to the control of the Earth’s global temperature. A factor which appears to have been missed by the current scientific mindset.
    While water is a GHG in the absence of phase change, it is a very different matter when evaporation and condensation takes place. A process which is ubiquitous and continuos within the atmosphere and which occurs at constant temperature and results in a considerable NEGATIVE feedback to any increase in energy input whether by GHGs or otherwise.
    What happens is that, under constant pressure, rather than there being an increase in temperature, the RATE of evaporation merely increases.
    This is well established in our steam generation plants, where an increase in energy input results in an equivalent increase in energy input. All at constant temperature.
    Overall the Hydro cycle operates as a Rankine Cycle about which a great deal of experience has been gained which could be usefully employed in understanding the behaviour of clouds.
    This, however would require a change in mindset from mainly radiation matters to that of enthalpy and the physical transfer of this energy into its respective forms and its movement this other than by pure radiation. (The physical buoyancy of vapor being an example)

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  2. Cog–Excellent comment. Water is magnificent, and climate modelers grossly exaggerate their ability to capture its profoundly complicated properties in their calculus.


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