Update: Global Warming is a matter of opinion in Canada

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Canada Survey Mostly Human

The map above shows the results of a survey in 2015 to measure the distribution of public opinion regarding global warming.  A previous post is reprinted below explaining the methods.  An additional post below discusses the media ruckus due to Elections Canada reminding environmental activists that climate advocacy during the recent Parlimentary campaign could be partisan politicking. This post is about a fresh PR campaign to proclaim that Canadians are on board with alarmist dogma. There is not new data, only a revised spinning of the previous survey results.

Global News published today this sneaky report: New map shows which parts of Canada lag on believing in climate change. The purpose is to cast climate change unbelievers as a minority, when in fact they are the majority.  Excerpts with my bolds

While most Canadians accept climate science, those in Alberta — and to some extent Saskatchewan — are less likely…

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