Consumer Victory: Trump Pulls Plug On Plans To Kill The Lightbulb

PA Pundits - International

By Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. ~

As the year came to a close, the nanny state took it in the chin. Plans by the usual suspects – environmentalists, Capitol Hill know-it-alls, and other assorted busybodies — to regulate the incandescent lightbulb out of existence were tossed aside by the Trump Energy Department (DOE).

In 2007, the Democrat-controlled Congress and the Bush White House teamed up to impose tighter energy efficiency standards for “general service” lightbulbs. The goal was to set federal energy efficiency standards so high that traditional incandescent lightbulbs would disappear from store shelves and be replaced by compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. People were assured this would save them zillions in electricity bills while saving the planet from catastrophic climate change.

Lightbulb manufacturers were given several years to comply with the government-mandated transition. For those pushing the scheme, consumer choice was never a consideration. Yet eleven days before stricter…

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