Stop Using Inadequate Climate Models For Policy Making

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By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

The CLINTEL “There is no Climate Emergency” Manifesto puts it this way: “Stop with the Misleading Computer Models” and I agree completely. It is clear by now that these models predict temperatures that appear much too high. No policies should be based on them and the ones that are should be revoked.

For background on CLINTEL and their Manifesto, see my recent article here:

The Manifesto, by Professor Guus Berkhout, is here:

A climate model is nothing more than an attempt to describe the reality using the theoretical knowledge, assumptions and approximations of the involved model makers. As such its validity needs to be continuously tested against observations and if it fails those tests it means that the model makers are wrong. Professor Berkhouts Manifesto points out that the mainstream climate models have in fact been tested…

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