Arctic Ice Moment of Truth

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For ice extent in the Arctic, the bar is set at 15M km2. The average in the last 13 years occurs on day 62 at 15.04M before descending. Six of the last 13 years were able to clear 15M, but recently only 2014 and 2016 ice extents cleared the bar at 15M km2; the others came up short.

During February MASIE and SII both show ice extent hovering around the 13 year average, matching it exactly on day 52 at 14.85M km2. Other recent years were lower until 2019 caught up, before dropping off in the final week of the month.  We shall see what this year does with only 10 to 14 days left before the March maximum is recorded.

Region2020052Day 052 Average2020-Ave.20180522020-2018
 (0) Northern_Hemisphere14875470148579031756714312247563223
 (1) Beaufort_Sea107065510702224331070445210
 (2) Chukchi_Sea965972964814115895510410868

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