Top Climate Model Gets Better

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A previous post here discussed discovering that INMCM4 was the best CMIP5 model in replicating historical temperature records. Additional posts described improvements built into INMCM5, the next generation model included for CMIP6 testing. Later on is a reprint of the temperature history replication and the parameters included in the revised model. This post focuses on a recent report of additional enhancements by the modelers in order to better represent precipitation and extreme rainfall events.

The paper is Influence of various parameters of INM RAS climate model on the results of extreme precipitation simulation by M A Tarasevich and E M Volodin 2019. Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Modern models of the Earth’s climate can reproduce not only the average climate condition, but also extreme weather and climate phenomena. Therefore, there arises the problem of comparing climate models for observable extreme weather events.

In [1, 2], various extreme weather and…

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