Nuclear Superior To Wind And Solar

PA Pundits - International

By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~

Future energy mixes should show a growing contribution from modern nuclear power plants. That is the core finding of the new “No Regrets Energy Policy” proposed by the Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL).

 CLINTEL finds current governmental energy-transitions to be “scientifically unfounded and economically suicidal” because of their dependence on wind and solar power generation.

 They put it this way:

The optimum energy mix of different countries will be different, but they all have in common that the contributions of solar panels and wind turbines to the energy mix will remain marginal. Dependence on weather conditions and lack of proper energy storage cause fundamental bottlenecks. Decision makers must stop backing these lame horses.”

 CLINTEL’s basic point is that IF there is to be a transition away from fossil fuels, THEN it must be to nuclear power. Note that CLINTEL is…

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