July 2021 Heat Records Silly Season Again

Science Matters

Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Thinkstock.

A glance at the news aggregator shows the silly season is in full swing.  A partial listing of headlines today proclaiming the hottest whatever.

  • Last Month Was the Hottest June in North America in Recent Recorded History TIME
  • Global Warming Is Increasing the Likelihood of Frost Damage in Vineyards Martha Stewart
  • Heat records smashed in Moscow and Helsinki CGTN
  • Alberta glacial melt about 3 times higher than average during heat wave: expert The Weather Network
  • US and Canada heatwave ‘impossible’ without climate change, analysis shows Sky News
  • Heat waves caused warmest June ever in North America The Independent
  • Glacial melt: the European Alps New Age
  • The North American heatwave shows we need to know how climate change will change our weather Cyprus Mail
  • Global evidence links rise in extreme precipitation to human-driven climate change Phys.org
  • Drought-Stricken Western Districts Plan New Ways to Store…

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