July’s Hadcrut4.6(3D) = 0.65C

From Clive Best:

My preferred method for calculating the global average temperature anomaly  for HADCRUT4.6 is by triangulating the measurements over the surface of a sphere. This gives almost identical results to those of Cowtan & Way but is a far simpler and faster method. Here is my update for July 2018.


Here is a the detail for the Northern Hemisphere


Finally here is the  Southern Hemisphere (their winter) which shows cooler than normal temperatures over the tip of South America.


One thought on “July’s Hadcrut4.6(3D) = 0.65C

  1. I do wish that graphical and image presentations using anomalies would include the actual value of the perceived normal. (ie: what is the actual temperature of the 0.0 anomaly?). Is it now a standard temperature across all presentations? Or what?

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