Canada: Virtually No Change in July/August Highs Since 1939

sunshine hours

Ross McKitrick analyzed Canadian weather records. Summers aren’t any hotter.

Since 1939 there has been virtually no change in the median July and August daytime highs across Canada, and October has cooled

If people knew that summers won’t get an hotter and winters would get a little warmer, would anyone mind?

Here are a few points that you might notice in the graphs and tables that follow.
1. There is a tradeoff between the number of available stations and the length of record. There are 30 stations with data back to 1888
and 267 stations with data back to 1978.
2. Over the past 130 years the median warming rate in the average daytime high is about 0.1 degrees per decade or 1 degree per
3. Over long samples there is little polar amplification (increased warming with latitude) but it does appear in fall and winter months

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