Javier on sunspot data

This comment by Javier [slightly edited for clarity] is reposted from Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc.

The Modern Solar Maximum is clearly seen with a Gaussian smoothing of the sunspot data:

Or even better just by running a 70-year moving average through the 1750-2018 sunspot data:

Respected climatologists like Takuro Kobashi, Bo Vinther and Tom Blunier accept the existence of the Modern Solar Maximum, as they see its effects on climate:

Kobashi, T., Box, J.E., Vinther, B.M., Goto‐Azuma, K., Blunier, T., White, J.W.C., Nakaegawa, T. and Andresen, C.S., 2015. Modern solar maximum forced late twentieth century Greenland cooling. Geophysical Research Letters, 42 (14), pp.5992-5999.

The Modern Solar Maximum, a one in 600 years event that exactly coincides with Modern Global Warming is assigned a near-zero effect on climate by models. Not surprisingly, since it ended models performance has been abysmally poor.

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